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Jenna’s Avengers?

Well, if there’s one good thing to be said about fibromyalgia it’s that it often brings some very strange dreams when I’m having a flare-up.  And by strange I mean in the way that I might be able to make stories out of them.   As a fantasy writer, I can often use these weirder dreams as story seeds.

This morning’s dream is a perfect example.  I dreamed that I could sort-of fly.  It was really more of a gliding action, but it was powerful and if I did it just right, I could go for long distances.  If you’ve ever played DC Universe Online, it was a lot like the mechanics of the acrobatic movement set.  It’s the way that I’ve been flying in my dreams for years and years, as far back as I can remember to that dream when I was four and I took off from the sidewalk with a jump and started gliding.

Anyway.  Irrelevant asides aside, this was one of those dreams where I ended up with a team around me.  In a way, it was like gathering X-Men or something.  We found each other, we all had different powers, and there were some interesting challenges.  I mean, beyond the usual villain threats and whatnot, we also had to find a headquarters.  We ended up settling for an old converted warehouse of several stories on the bank of a river in a forest.  It worked for us, until the higher powers decided it was time to meddle and get us involved in the bigger conflict.  I woke up with a sort of “to be continued” feeling after meeting the supervillain/archnemesis figure with a rather standard “this is only beginning” parting line.

Still.  There were enough non-standard elements that it might be worth pursuing, such as a giant concrete dome disguised as some sort of mushroom sculpture over a holy site/park, the idea that not everyone wants heroes, something about fire on the mountain stands out at me, more running away early on than fighting… It’s an interesting seed idea that could develop into something more.

One of the more amusing things that made it clear it was a dream was the fact that we were making our own paper towels.  What the heck?


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