Fantasy, Romance, and Other Genre Fiction

Sometimes it disturbs me how accurate my horoscope can be for something that I only even look at to get a laugh…   I do believe that this goes hand in hand with the way that I was whining about spoon theory and feeling out of control and powerless yesterday.  

If you feel that your life lacks some discipline right now, then that’s a sure sign that it does! It’s not such a big deal to have a messy car or bedroom, but the clutter around you is getting a little bit out of hand in other areas of your life — and it’s starting to bother you too much. So today, spend some time putting order back into your world. Cleaning is a mindless task, but by being that way it gives you a chance to let your mind wander and clear itself out, too.

Going to a Brandon Sanderson book signing today.  After that?  Time to sit down and make an assessment of what might be cluttering things  up and stealing spoons from me when I’m not looking.   Yes, my room could probably use a good straightening, and bathrooms always need cleaning.  But the mental housecleaning might be far more important today. 

(And while I’m cleaning out the brain, maybe I’ll be able to get Weird Al’s voice out of there, too…)


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