Fantasy, Romance, and Other Genre Fiction

Salt Lake Comic Con was pretty awesome.  There were a lot of flaws that needed to be addressed, but it was a first-year convention.  They will learn from what they did wrong this year.  I hope.  Including NOT overselling by far too much.  It was insanely crowded, to the point where I hid in panels and completely avoided the main floor today.   A lot of people waited in line for hours because the fire marshal wouldn’t let the con admit any more people until other people left.

That said, I had a totally amazing time.   I had a VIP pass… and it was worth every single penny I spent and more because I got to avoid the worst of the lines.  I will NEVER do this con without a VIP pass… Unless I decide to volunteer or get invited as a guest.  Which I hope I will at some point.

I have a lot of processing to do, but I wanted to get that initial reaction done while it was still fresh.  I had a good time over all, and I am very glad I went.

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