Fantasy, Romance, and Other Genre Fiction

Depression had its way with me this week, and I also felt pretty miserable physically.   Feeling better, but behind on things.

So this week, things might seem a little familiar.   But I feel like if I write it down again, it will help it happen.  🙂

  • The Artist’s Way.  Week One: Recovering a Sense of Safety
  • Cleaning my work space.  It’s suffered from my depression as much as I have.
  • Going over and possibly re-editing Forger’s Fire and submitting it to Writers of the Future.
  • Getting topics for the next few weeks on the blog worked out, AND getting a backlog built up.
  • Figuring out what projects I currently have, and what the state of them is.
  • Finishing the other two of my three LTUE summaries.

Feeling better is a good thing.  Should be pretty easy to capitalize on the momentum.  🙂


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