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Playlist: Meredin

Decided that I’m going to base my playlists for the week on the character highlight.   My playlists are just what I listen to when I’m writing for certain characters and their scenes.

Here are ten pieces of music that remind me of Meredin, this week’s character.

  1. Heimr Àrnadalr- Cristophe Beck (Frozen OST)
  2. I See Fire- Jasmine Thompson cover
  3. Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends
  4. O Come O Come Emanuel (Piano Guys) 
  5. Loss of Me- Dagmar Krug
  6. Eye of the Beholder- City of the Fallen
  7. Sonera- Thomas Bergersen
  8. Canto Della Terra- Katherine Jenkins
  9. Mercy in Darkness- Two Steps From Hell
  10. Madre Terra- Globus



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