Fantasy, Romance, and Other Genre Fiction

A little slow on things this week because I got sick and it’s just now going away.  But I still feel like I’ve had a productive week regardless of illness.

What I’ve accomplished the past week:

  • Blog posts!  Yes, I missed Saturday’s excerpt because I didn’t get any writing worth sharing done while sick.  But I’m pleased with the way I’ve got things set up now.
  • Might have found a writing-related job.  Still have to get through interviews.  Fingers crossed, and not saying anything more about it than that.  Wish me luck!
  • Germinated a couple of new ideas worth pursuing.
  • Not really an accomplishment: did not catch up on my Camp Nanowrimo word count.  Might be abandoning it in favor of things higher on the priority list, like trying to land this writing job.

What I’d like to accomplish this week:

  • Keeping up on the blog posts.
  • Finish sorting the GLIIH.
  • Get titles and descriptions assigned to projects so they can be protected if I get this job.
  • Doing something physical and fun this week, like starting belly dance.
  • If I have time with everything else, keep working on Camp Nano.

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