Fantasy, Romance, and Other Genre Fiction

Sunday Report: August 3

What I accomplished this past week:

  • Finished sorting the GLIIH, yay!
  • Changed the visual theme on my blog.
  • Job interviews for jobs that aren’t writing.  I am happy about the idea of having a more steady income, but it’s still depressing on the “I’m a creative person wanting to support myself with my creativity” level.
  • A whole lot of evil writer’s block that I’m going to go ahead and blame on stress outside of writing things and the resultant fibromyalgia fog.
  • A pretty sexy manicure because my creative energy needed someplace to go even if the writing was dammed up.

What I’d like to accomplish this week:

  • Break the block and get the creative energy flowing back into writing instead of nail polish and photoshop.
  • All the stuff I didn’t get done in the past week because of the fibro and other stresses.

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