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The only constant

It’s been said that the only constant is change.

This has been proven to me in ridiculously dramatic ways over the last six weeks, since just before LTUE.  (And yes, there will be a conference report coming, but I think I can be forgiven for being otherwise occupied the last three weeks.)

It’s no big secret that the state agency I work for has been going through some budget issues.  However, we were reassured that all of our jobs had been budgeted for, at least until the end of the fiscal year.  So when I got called in a few weeks ago to be informed that I was being bumped out of my position as an employee still on the year-long probationary period to make room for someone with more seniority who had to be shuffled around due to not renewing the lease on an office elsewhere, I’m sure that you can imagine my shock.

As a result, the last few weeks have been insane.

I loved that job.  It was going to be my forever job, at least until I made it big and the publishing company made me start going on book signing tours.   So I went through a bit of a grieving process, and on top of that, I had to find a new job.   I flirted with the idea of trying to make it as a writer, sink or swim while unemployed… but I decided that the fibromyalgia requires health insurance.   Luckily, I have found placement in a different division of the same agency, doing a different job.  Going from one job to the next, without a gap in benefits, makes me very happy.  I’ve managed to finally stop being angry about the circumstances that forced a new job, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to love my new job just as much as the old.

Especially since it’s going to do some amazing things for my writing.

I have a lot of downtime between calls to go do shuttle service where I am just sitting in front of the computer and unable to play Warcraft or visit my text-based roleplaying site.  I also have a ninety-minute commute (one way) on the train every morning and every evening, also where my usual electronic distractions aren’t very practical.  Now while I will fully admit that I am likely to sleep on the train in the mornings (who wouldn’t, when they have to get up at 4:30 a.m.?), this means a lot of prime opportunity for writing.

I wouldn’t have thought that losing my job could lead to better and more awesome things… but I’m pretty optimistic that this is going to be just totally awesome.  I work with awesome people, I have time to write, and I might get to move to the big city where there are things to do and awesome places to write soon.

And now I can get back to my regularly scheduled life, and the writing things I’ve had to delay to deal with upheaval.  There will be good things happening this year.

Stay tuned, as always.  🙂


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