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Which shelf? (Your opinion wanted!)

So I’ve been struggling with the Soldaris Saga lately.  I’ve been trying to decide if I want it to try to sell it as romantic fantasy or fantasy romance, so I can point the last of my rewrites and editing in the right direction.

Some of you might wonder what the difference between romantic fantasy and fantasy romance even is.  Basically, romantic fantasy is a “standard” fantasy novel with a bigger plot than just the two characters getting together, but they’re a major part of it.  Fantasy romance focuses on the story of the hero and heroine and their happily ever after, using the rest of the plot as a backdrop.  The first goes in the fantasy and sci-fi section at the bookstore, the latter goes in romance novels.   Yes, it actually matters, if I’m going to sell it, because that also determines where I submit.

I have outlines for both ready to go.  Both outlines lead to the same ending, just told in different ways with the focus on different plot elements and subplots.

I have to admit that I’m curious what my audience would rather read (although if I start on one of the outlines and it doesn’t feel right, I will no doubt move right to the other).

Weigh in in the comments, would you?  ❤


Taking Control

I asked him last night, “do you think my blog is boring?”

Now, this is certainly a loaded question, but he handled it with his usual ability to be both diplomatic and direct (and yes, sometimes tactless) all at once.  He answered with  something along the lines of “It would be more interesting if you actually wrote about something.  Right now your posts sound like extended Facebook statuses, like you’re updating for the sake of updating.”

Right, then.  I knew there was something lacking, or I wouldn’t have asked in the first place.  Sometimes it’s dangerous for writers to be in love with other writers.  And other times, it makes the criticism you need to hear a lot easier to take.  The above answer came from the dear, wonderful man whom I love… And he tends to be right.

Incidentally, he gave me something to write about and I’m not sure he knew that he was doing it.  This morning, I logged into Facebook and saw this on his Timeline:


Why don’t they behave?

This is something that I’ve asked myself about my children in the past, but in this particular case, it’s my other set of children: my characters. I was getting a lot of work done today at my local gaming store ( I love my nearby geek community) when one of my characters decided that he wanted to show up in the prologue of book one, instead of halfway through book two as I had in my outline.


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