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Now What?

The beginning of December always brings what some people call a Nanowrimo hangover.  It’s the feeling of “now what” that comes with having completed 50k words in 30 days.  At this point, the insanity is over.

So I’ve finished NaNoWriMo.  I’m pleased with the way that it turned out, and although I did get my 50K words, I’m still working on the story.  It’s turning out so very nicely.  I can’t wait for some of the twists that have been trying to show themselves.   I’ve just been through a difficult breakup.  I feel like I can talk about it now that it’s over and resolved “successfully”.  But that was what was so very emotionally draining for the entire second half of November.  And in some ways, it was also very motivating for my writing because pushing so hard for word count kept things from being worse than they were.   I survived Thanksgiving with a minimum of family drama (my family does not share my political or religious views that I don’t discuss here so there is always drama).

So now it’s time to answer the “now what?”

Now I finish the rest of the story.  It’ll probably end up being an 80k-word novel, when all is said and done.

Now I work on a query letter because I really need to get published soon.

Now I learn how to be lonely, and I imagine that all that time and effort I was putting into a struggling relationship might find new expression in writing and reading.

Now I start looking for new ideas, new projects that I can work on when I’m done with this one.

Now, I move forward. 



I’m sitting here crying.

Not everyone cries when they manage to complete 50,000 words of writing.  And I’m certain that between blogging and other social media, writing, and roleplaying I manage to write 50k on a regular basis.  But as I said in my last entry, winning Nanowrimo has a lot of emotional implications for me this year.   I haven’t won since 2009.  More than that, I haven’t completed anything of any real noteworthiness in the last four years.   It’s been a very difficult journey lately, and to finish something this big, that means this much to me, is a big deal.   My health forced me to drop out of college, and it has cost me a few jobs since the divorce as well. But it hasn’t stopped me from winning Nanowrimo.

Some people might say, “it’s just fifty thousand words, you don’t get any real prizes for it, and the novel isn’t even finished yet”.  Well, no.  It’s not finished yet.  There are still about fifteen thousand more words of story left.  Maybe a little less.   But it’s 50k words closer to being finished.  Edited.  Submitted.  Published.  I’ve hit a point in my life where writing is becoming truly do-or-die, and being able to stick with Nanowrimo, to be dedicated to writing a significant amount every day, is a huge step on the way to making writing do what I need it to do for me.  As far as real prizes, well, who cares? There are some little goodies that winners have access to, like discounts at Createspace and whatnot.  But the euphoric sense of accomplishment is prize enough for me, at least tonight.  Getting this project published in the next year would be an even bigger prize.

My first project for December is to get a good query letter together.  I’m not stopping here, not resting on my laurels.

So I’m sitting here crying, because I finished something that actually means something for the first time in years, something that is a huge step to greater and grander things.

I’m also sitting here eating pumpkin cheesecake in the bookstore cafe.  It is my reward to myself for a job well-done.

Victory is delicious.

Day 26

I have good NaNoWriMo news.  I just hit 45k.  This puts me ahead of the par for today (43.3k).  Not only that, but it was a 9k day yesterday catching up.  I will have won Nanowrimo for the first time since 2009 very soon.

I have some serious momentum built up behind me right now and it is possible that I will hit 50k before midnight.  And if not midnight, then it is doable before I go to sleep for sure.  And even if I should happen to get tired and a little brain-fried, by latest I think sometime tomorrow I will hit that 50k mark.

There are so many thoughts running through my head right now about what this all means to me.  But I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch, so I’ll save them for the post I will inevitably make when I do hit that 50k mark.

For those who want to follow the last 5k words of my progress, I’ve been keeping a running commentary on Facebook, and to a lesser extent Twitter (which you can see on the right-hand side of my blog, too).

50K isn’t going to be the end of the book, though.  Which means I may just see how big a margin I can give myself by the 30th on that win.  🙂

Nanowrimo Day 5

I’d forgotten how freeing it feels for me to be writing for hours on end. Anyone who has written a novel or even a story or a paper can tell you that writing is most definitely work, and quite often hard work at that. But to me, it’s the best sort of work there possibly is. Yes, my hands and shoulders and head hurt by the end of a day spent writing. Yes, I have itchy, watery eyes from staring at a computer screen all day. But I also have something tangible to show for it. I can measure my progress in words, in chapters, in stories and novels completed. THIS is what I was born to do. This is the sort of work that I can do all day and never get truly tired of it. Granted, there are times where I want to take my journals or my laptop and throw them out the window because something about the story is frustrating me, but in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Let’s see if I’m still saying that on December 1st.)

Just a reminder

I just want to remind everyone, in case you might have missed it, that I do have a story up on Amazon.   I realize that I neglected to give you guys a good idea of what it’s about when I posted it at first because I was just excited about getting it up!

The product description:

When a dragon makes a deal with her kingdom to stop attacking villages if he’s given one virgin from every village in the district as a sacrifice, an orphaned young woman finds herself on the wrong end of the truce. However, thanks to her cleverness, she finds her life spared and a new adventure with an unexpected companion beginning.

It’s for Kindle only, but there are several free Kindle apps available so that you can read it on your phone, tablet, or computer if you’d like.   It’s a strong story that stands on its own, and I’d love if more people took the time to read it.   I promise that the title does not guarantee lots of kinky sex.  (A detracting factor for some, I know, but maybe laying the fears of others to rest.)

Also, if you have read it,  first of all, I really want to thank you!  It’s very gratifying to know my work is appreciated.   I would be doubly grateful if you could leave a rating or even a review.  My goal in life is to become a famous author, but to do that, I need more readers!  If you enjoyed the work, please don’t hesitate to pass it on to someone else.  Good books were meant to be shared.

Thanks again, everyone!

Would Virgins Taste Better?


Home again.

Wanted to let you know that between the dog-sitting being over, and being home from my impromptu AWESOME camping trip, hiatus is officially over.  More insightful posts than this one return tomorrow. 🙂  Love you all.

A quick question for my readers

Disclaimer: This is not the announcement of the start of a project.  This is determining if there is enough interest to make running a project campaign worth it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about using Kickstarter to help fund the self-publishing of one or more of my fantasy/supernatural books.  (There are other crowdfunding options out there, yes, but I’m leaning toward Kickstarter because of its emphasis on creative works.)


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