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Character Highlight: Dagon

I totally laughed when rolling the d20 on my list of characters gave me Karin’s husband the week after I highlighted her.  Also a character whom I would like to develop further in the future.

Name: Dagon Averill
Project: Soldaris Saga
Occupation:  Paladin, instructor at the Academy and later Commandant
Physical Features: graying dark blonde hair, neatly trimmed beard/mustache, soldier’s build, shorter side of average for a man, lingering limp from an old injury
Personality:  Demanding, disciplined,  almost cold while at work, and passionate, relaxed, easy-going when he’s not working
Strengths: able to identify and bring out the strengths in others, good leader
Weaknesses: Sometimes doesn’t know when enough is enough, cares too much about those under his command, speaks his mind when maybe he shouldn’t
Favorite color(s): black, gold, gray
Accomplishments: One of the most respected instructors at the Academy, later becomes Commandant of the Academy
Biggest Fear(s): That the people he loves will suffer, that his choices will lead people to disaster
Dreams: To make the Academy better than it ever has been before, to have a happy life with his family

  • Karin Menette-Averill, wife
  • Karin’s as-of-yet-unnamed children
  • Ella Averill, younger sister
  • Darios Averill, older brother
  • Lana Averill, Darios’ wife


  • Thorven Soldaris
  • Taerwyn Davies-Soldaris
  • Nikolai Darbon, the Paladin Bard
  • Levanda, Mistress of the Academy Kitchens
  • Commandant Perrus, previous Commandant
  • Lady Skye, most famous Lady Paladin at the start of the saga
  • Commander Hartley, Taerwyn’s unit commander at the Academy
  • Niveon Davies, Taerwyn’s brother
  • Mikael Helron (deceased)


  • Anyone who threatens the safety and stability of the Academy
  • The big bad and minions, of course

Playlist: Karin

Lots of sorrow and triumph mixed up in Karin’s playlist.  It’s another mostly instrumental one, as all my characters for the Soldaris Saga tend to be.

In no particular order:

  1. End Titles- Christopher Drake (Wonder Woman 2009 Movie)
  2. Hurt- Thomas Bergersen
  3. Protectors of the Earth- Two Steps From Hell
  4. Moonlight Sonata- E.S. Posthumus
  5. Eternal Sorrow- Two Steps From Hell
  6. Kingdom Celebration- Alan Menken (Tangled)
  7. Song of Freedom- Murray Gold (Doctor Who) 
  8. Deliverance- City of the Fallen
  9. A Small Measure of Peace- Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai)
  10. Dreamer- Epic Soul Factory

Character Highlight: Meredin

So I literally just made a list of all of my characters that I could think of and rolled a d20 (20-sided die for those not fluent in D&D-speak).  So it’s possible that I may end up with characters I might not have otherwise immediately thought of for these highlights.  Today is a perfect example.  I think Meredin is probably one of my most underrated characters.  I don’t doubt that she’ll have more of a story to tell in the future.  It’s just not all that refined yet.


Name:  Meredin, Sister/Mother Meredin
Project: Soldaris Saga


Character Highlight: Thomas Moore

Today’s character highlight goes back to one of my oldest projects.  This is how things stand currently.  With the way I’m thinking of revisiting, revising, and rewriting the whole thing, however…  Some of this is definitely subject to change!

Name:  Thomas Moore
Project:  The YA project that was titled Shadowfighter before I discovered Cassandra Clare (new name yet to be determined) (more…)

Shadowfighter Randomness

You know what’s really fun?  Realizing that you’ve been killing off the wrong main character for the last fifteen years and that is why the book hasn’t worked yet. 

Also, I have to thank new music that I’ve discovered for this epiphany.   Check out Les Friction on Spotify if you want to hear what I think is probably the most perfect soundtrack for Shadowfighter so far.  (Until it eventually gets made into a movie and they give it its own, of course.)

Taking Control

I asked him last night, “do you think my blog is boring?”

Now, this is certainly a loaded question, but he handled it with his usual ability to be both diplomatic and direct (and yes, sometimes tactless) all at once.  He answered with  something along the lines of “It would be more interesting if you actually wrote about something.  Right now your posts sound like extended Facebook statuses, like you’re updating for the sake of updating.”

Right, then.  I knew there was something lacking, or I wouldn’t have asked in the first place.  Sometimes it’s dangerous for writers to be in love with other writers.  And other times, it makes the criticism you need to hear a lot easier to take.  The above answer came from the dear, wonderful man whom I love… And he tends to be right.

Incidentally, he gave me something to write about and I’m not sure he knew that he was doing it.  This morning, I logged into Facebook and saw this on his Timeline:


Why don’t they behave?

This is something that I’ve asked myself about my children in the past, but in this particular case, it’s my other set of children: my characters. I was getting a lot of work done today at my local gaming store ( I love my nearby geek community) when one of my characters decided that he wanted to show up in the prologue of book one, instead of halfway through book two as I had in my outline.


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