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Page 75 – Epiphanies

So I just had the biggest epiphany of my entire writing life and I’m actually half-hysterical over it. I can’t stop laughing and saying OMG out loud.
For those of you familiar with Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere concept… I’ve always kind of known that there is a relationship like that between all the different worlds I write in.  (Seriously.  Since I was 14 and Brandon Sanderson was still unknown.)  I was never quite able to pinpoint the connection, though… Until today.
And this means I know what makes my magic systems on every world work at the core (adapted for different evolutions/worlds of course) and a much better idea of how it’s all going to come together at the end. (If the end ever comes; I don’t intend to stop writing until I’m dead.)
I am absolutely giddy.
And I need to let it sit and let this feeling pass because if I try to write like this it’s gonna look like a whole bunch of asdfjkl.

Playlist: Dagon

A little bit of a different mix on this character from the Soldaris Saga today.  In no particular order.  Enjoy!

  1. Black Blade- Two Steps From Hell
  2. The Riders of Rohan- The Elbereth Orchestra (David Arkenstone)
  3. Stand Strong, Stand Together- Christopher Lennertz (Mass Effect 3)
  4. Army of the Dead part 2- Manowar
  5. To Glory- Two Steps From Hell
  6. If I Die in Battle (Orchestral Version)- Van Canto
  7. Light from Darkness- City of the Fallen
  8. Field of Cormallen- The Elbereth Orchestra (David Arkenstone)
  9. United We Stand, Divided We Fall- Two Steps From Hell
  10. Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors- Manowar

Character Highlight: Dagon

I totally laughed when rolling the d20 on my list of characters gave me Karin’s husband the week after I highlighted her.  Also a character whom I would like to develop further in the future.

Name: Dagon Averill
Project: Soldaris Saga
Occupation:  Paladin, instructor at the Academy and later Commandant
Physical Features: graying dark blonde hair, neatly trimmed beard/mustache, soldier’s build, shorter side of average for a man, lingering limp from an old injury
Personality:  Demanding, disciplined,  almost cold while at work, and passionate, relaxed, easy-going when he’s not working
Strengths: able to identify and bring out the strengths in others, good leader
Weaknesses: Sometimes doesn’t know when enough is enough, cares too much about those under his command, speaks his mind when maybe he shouldn’t
Favorite color(s): black, gold, gray
Accomplishments: One of the most respected instructors at the Academy, later becomes Commandant of the Academy
Biggest Fear(s): That the people he loves will suffer, that his choices will lead people to disaster
Dreams: To make the Academy better than it ever has been before, to have a happy life with his family

  • Karin Menette-Averill, wife
  • Karin’s as-of-yet-unnamed children
  • Ella Averill, younger sister
  • Darios Averill, older brother
  • Lana Averill, Darios’ wife


  • Thorven Soldaris
  • Taerwyn Davies-Soldaris
  • Nikolai Darbon, the Paladin Bard
  • Levanda, Mistress of the Academy Kitchens
  • Commandant Perrus, previous Commandant
  • Lady Skye, most famous Lady Paladin at the start of the saga
  • Commander Hartley, Taerwyn’s unit commander at the Academy
  • Niveon Davies, Taerwyn’s brother
  • Mikael Helron (deceased)


  • Anyone who threatens the safety and stability of the Academy
  • The big bad and minions, of course

Character Highlight: Karin

Today is one of my favorite secondary characters that I’ve ever had.  🙂 She’s one of those who could have a novel all of her own.  And might, someday.

Name: Karin Menette (Averill)
Project: Soldaris Saga


Character Highlight: Taerwyn Davies

Okay, so I’m a day late on this one.  I just couldn’t decide on a character to highlight, and then I couldn’t decide on a format.  Now I have a list made up and Mondays will be a lot easier.

Today’s character highlight is the main character from my epic romantic fantasy series.  I’m basing this off of what I know and what I’ve written, but it could be subject to change before I’m finished and published.   I really enjoy writing for this character.  She’s got a gothic heroine feel to her and I really like working with that.

Name: Taerwyn Davies (Taerwyn Soldaris)
Project:  Soldaris Saga


Making Maps

I have to blame this post on for getting me started on a massive distraction.

Now, it’s not really a distraction from the Soldaris project, as the map that I currently have isn’t an accurate enough depiction of the world geography that I have in my head.  I am very pleased with the way the map I made a year and a half ago looks, but it’s not the right map for this world (I will be saving it for another project, though, I think.)

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t tried to make maps to go with earlier ideas that I had while in high school and college and whatnot.   But they weren’t good maps.  Then, about two and a half years ago, I took a physical geography class at university.   I’ll be completely and brutally honest here: I took it because it was the easiest lab science class possible  that the university offered, and I needed another one for progress toward my degree.  (I love science.  Love, love, love it.  What I don’t love is all the math that goes along with some of it.)   Little did I know that it would open my eyes up to a world of possible worlds and more effective world-building, or that I would develop quite an interest in the subject.  Nor did I think that it would set off a passion (albeit rarely indulged) with creating maps for my worlds.

I’m discovering that maps, as much as books, go through multiple revisions.  This is, thankfully, a little easier with digital construction via Photoshop or the like.


Working hard

I’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the planet trying to finish this draft up.  I’ve been neglecting pretty much everything except my novel and basic survival things.  (In some ways it’s like Nanowrimo never ended.)

I just hit 90k words, and I’m struggling to finish the story up within the next 10k.  I will no doubt have some trimming to do before submitting., but I think at this point I’d rather overwrite than underwrite.  And I still feel like I’m leaving a lot of stuff out.  Clearly my work is not done when I get to the end of this draft.

I have a lot of neat blog posts that I want to write when I’m done with this draft.  So stay tuned; I should be posting again by the end of the week.

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