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Just a reminder

I just want to remind everyone, in case you might have missed it, that I do have a story up on Amazon.   I realize that I neglected to give you guys a good idea of what it’s about when I posted it at first because I was just excited about getting it up!

The product description:

When a dragon makes a deal with her kingdom to stop attacking villages if he’s given one virgin from every village in the district as a sacrifice, an orphaned young woman finds herself on the wrong end of the truce. However, thanks to her cleverness, she finds her life spared and a new adventure with an unexpected companion beginning.

It’s for Kindle only, but there are several free Kindle apps available so that you can read it on your phone, tablet, or computer if you’d like.   It’s a strong story that stands on its own, and I’d love if more people took the time to read it.   I promise that the title does not guarantee lots of kinky sex.  (A detracting factor for some, I know, but maybe laying the fears of others to rest.)

Also, if you have read it,  first of all, I really want to thank you!  It’s very gratifying to know my work is appreciated.   I would be doubly grateful if you could leave a rating or even a review.  My goal in life is to become a famous author, but to do that, I need more readers!  If you enjoyed the work, please don’t hesitate to pass it on to someone else.  Good books were meant to be shared.

Thanks again, everyone!

Would Virgins Taste Better?


Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who bought  a copy of my story yesterday.

I want to thank everyone who made yesterday the biggest day I have ever had on this blog.

And I want to thank all of you for being here for me through the very trying last few weeks.

I feel like I’ve taken a step forward into something that I can’t step away from now, and it’s a very good feeling.    There will be more struggles, without a doubt, but I’ve moved just one step closer to doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing.   I’m already working on my next project, and I can’t wait until I can share it with everyone.

If you’ve read the story and you liked it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon?  This will help me continue to grow and will allow me to share my stories with even more people.  🙂


Good news, everybody!

What better way to break my hiatus than with news like this?

As of something like two o’clock this morning, I am officially a self-published author.   My first offering through Kindle Direct Publishing is the (longer) short story that got me my most awesome rejection letter ever.  It’s called “Would Virgins Taste Better?” and it’s a tale of a young woman and her dragon by yours truly.

It can be found here:   and I will also be putting the link up in the side bar.

I would really appreciate it if you would all go purchase a copy and support me in being able to continue writing while the search for a more traditional job keeps wearing more and more thin.  If you like it, please consider telling your friends about it or leaving a good review!    I’m very excited to finally be getting out there into publishing world, and I could not have done it without the support of all of you.  Thank you very much for making this possible, and I look forward to being able to produce more to share with everyone!



If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a number of free Kindle apps for various devices through this Amazon page.

A quick question for my readers

Disclaimer: This is not the announcement of the start of a project.  This is determining if there is enough interest to make running a project campaign worth it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about using Kickstarter to help fund the self-publishing of one or more of my fantasy/supernatural books.  (There are other crowdfunding options out there, yes, but I’m leaning toward Kickstarter because of its emphasis on creative works.)


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