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Determination, Day 3

Today was a long day.  Spent some time at the local library picking out books to read that are popular for the audiences I’m writing for these days.  I have a lot of reading ahead of me this week, but I can’t coast on talent alone anymore.  I’ve got to put in the work if I want the rewards.  I’m actually feeling pretty excited about making myself get off the computer to read and write.  They’re things I enjoyed that I let fall by the wayside as this machine took over my life.  It’s so nice to be reclaiming the things I love.

I did get some writing done this morning.  I wish it had been more, but I’m not going to complain about the fact that I got something down.   That I’ve been getting at least plotting work done for the last couple of weeks.   It feels good to feel good… I missed out on so much when I was so sick.  But on the downside,  I’m feeling a little discouraged because of job stuff.  I’m not yet so successful as a writer that I can afford not to have a day job.   I’m optimistic that something is going to come up soon, as long as I keep working at it.

I’m going to dream a bit here.   When I manage to become successful and even famous, there are a few causes I’d love to contribute to.   NaNoWriMo’s literacy programs, for one.  Domestic violence prevention programs.  And maybe most personal for me, mental illness and fibromyalgia awareness.  I feel like an entirely different person now that I know what’s going on with me and how to at least mitigate it.  If I can help even just one person feel better, then I’d love to contribute to that.   Money, time, talent… It’s important to give back.  So I’m making the promise to myself that when I manage to make it, I’m going to give back.



I’ve decided that I am going to make a daily post on this blog.  It may not always be something substantial or full of deep thought, but it’s the discipline and the habit that I’m going for here.

Today’s Writing Project:  Working on some origin myths for the Soldaris Saga.  Writing a creation myth is difficult; I don’t know how Tolkien’s Silmarillion managed to turn out as well as it did.  It’s possible that I need to go out into the garage where all my books are after the move, and dig out my Joseph Campbell.  If anything can help me construct the legends I need for my world, it would be his work.  Have I mentioned that I love Joseph Campbell? For those who don’t know, his work as a mythologist is what inspired George Lucas while writing Star Wars.  (The good ones, not the prequels.)

Also, I have decided now that I want to be published in the next year.  By next September, I’ve resolved to be either published or contracted for publishing.  I figure a year is plenty of time to clean up the projects I’ve got close to finished, and start one or two more.  As long as I get my rear out of this chair in front of the computer and go do the work.  Work, in this case, includes reading from my genres.  Reading is what’s suffered most from my internet addiction.

And yes, I’m going to go ahead and call it a real addiction and work toward breaking the habit.  It’s difficult to do in today’s world, especially since so much of my writing gets done on the computer and then there are projects like this blog.  But I realized today just how much of my time the internet is sucking up, and not necessarily with anything enlightening or useful.   Yes, I get practice in character development when I participate in text-based roleplaying, but it’s not the same sort of work.  I can’t let myself use that excuse anymore.

Anyway.  That’s where I stand right now.

Let’s do this.

Focus, or the lack thereof

I’ve come to a realization lately:  my time management skills are not very good.

I don’t know or not if it’s because there are a million things I could be doing.    I could be leveling my low-level characters or running heroics on my level 85 paladin in World of Warcraft.  I could be indulging in the joys and the dramas of online, text-based role playing.  I could be doing the homework that’s due tomorrow.  I could be reading a trashy romance novel for “market research” or to “clear my mind of hardcore academics”.   Heck, I could even be doing dishes or cleaning, or, heaven forbid, my homework.

Whatever the reason, it’s really difficult for me to make time for writing.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I fear success if I buckle down and just do it, or if I’m addicted to the internet or something.  I don’t know why I keep making excuses for myself.   But what I do know is that if I want to be as serious about this as I’m sure I do, then I need to schedule writing time and have the self-discipline to stick to it.

I know I don’t have many readers yet (if any), but I’m asking for you all to cheer me on as I work harder to make time for writing.  This is something that’s important to me, and with any luck, everyone else will benefit from it as well.   Thank you.  🙂

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