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State of the writer

Life has been super-busy lately, but I wanted to give everyone a brief update on where I stand with my writing projects.  (more…)


Starting to process LTUE

It was a wonderful, fabulous weekend.  I think the only low was when I lost my jacket and couldn’t find it, but everyone was so helpful and I was able to find it again.  (Even if it did take seven hours.  I still was able to find it thanks to awesome people, and everything was still in the pockets.)

I can’t even begin to process ALL of it just yet.  I want to do this write-up properly, so I’ll probably write more extensively on the experience tomorrow after I have had time to digest.  It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  It’s the best decision of 2013 so far, and the best decision I’ve ever made as I work on moving my writing from deeply-involved hobby to career.

I got lots of neat stuff, and not all of it was flyers and bookmarks and nifty things from all the vendors.  The information I received was far more valuable than any physical thing.  I never knew both how ready I am to jump into the publishing world, and how much I didn’t–and still don’t–know.

There was a question on one panel where the moderator asked, “when did you feel like you could call yourself a real writer?”  One of the answers really struck me, because I think it hit on what I’ve been missing up until very recently.   When you are ready to commit to writing as a life, then you are a “real” writer.

I’m ready to commit.  Like the badge ribbon I got from Howard Tayler’s vendor table says, “I am out of  excuses.”

No more excuses.  No more whining.  No more letting fibromyalgia or depression keep me down.  This is the Year of Doing for me, and I am getting out there and doing.  (And getting in here and doing, and getting into Word and doing, you get the idea….)

All-in-all it was a very positive and encouraging experience, in spite of that little voice that keeps saying “too much competition; look at the people that are here and multiply that by a million or more”.  For the first time in my life I feel not only capable of competing, but READY to compete too.   So bring on the rejection letters and the eventual successes.  This is my year.

New Year

I’ve decided for the new year that I’m not going to make any promises to myself about how often, and when, I am going to write on this blog.  I will make promises about how much I will write in general, and what sort of steps I need to take to get published this year, and just generally about being awesome.

I got dragged along with my family to some tubing thing at Soldier Hollow for my dad’s work the other night.  Snow sports are just not my thing, what with the snow flying up in your face and it wasn’t warm AT ALL the other day.  So I sat in the lodge with my notebook  and my mp3 player while they all went down the hill a few times.    I am quite pleased to say that I made a major breakthrough in the mythology/legends that have been giving me a lot of trouble on the Soldaris saga.

And while I know that it is far too early to start thinking about  supplementary, pretty books along the lines of Beedle the Bard, I think I’d love to do an illustrated version of these myths and legends once I have them all set down and refined.   This weekend I plan to sit down and write them all out the way that children’s bible stories go, or something like that.  I’m not going for a Silmarillion here.  I’m going for something that is more accessible both to me and to the public.    That’s going to be my big project in the next two weeks, along with studying for a national licensing exam for my “day job”.

More long term goals for this year include entering Writers of the Future every quarter until I finally win (could take a couple of years, I acknowledge),  collecting more rejection letters for my wall, attending the Life, the Universe, and Everything symposium,  managing to sell my first book, and self-publishing Shadowfighter.  It’s a project that I still love dearly, but I don’t think it has a place in traditional publishing.  If someone wanted to pick it up later, they could, but for now, I think self-published is the way to go with that one.   So those are my big goals in writing this year.    I think perhaps, if I could sum all these big goals up in one sentence, it would be to quit my day job and write for a living by the end of the year.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  But I can do this.  🙂

Health setbacks happen, but Nanowrimo awaits!

Okay, so you would have seen me on the first of October if I hadn’t gotten very sick.

I can fight off  (pretend I’m okay through) a flare-up of fibromyalgia, or I can fight off a nasty sinus infection.  What I cannot do without a lot of extra rest is manage to fight off both.  Not that I’m excusing myself for not writing, but there will be times where I don’t have the energy to even type.  Being in constant pain wears a girl out.

But on to less personal stuff, and more writing-related stuff!


Why don’t they behave?

This is something that I’ve asked myself about my children in the past, but in this particular case, it’s my other set of children: my characters. I was getting a lot of work done today at my local gaming store ( I love my nearby geek community) when one of my characters decided that he wanted to show up in the prologue of book one, instead of halfway through book two as I had in my outline.


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